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I just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful ultrasound experience on Tuesday! My husband had been a bit reluctant when I first mentioned doing it, but on the way home, he was so excited and told me, "You know, I always wondered what the big deal about those ultrasound places was, we got ultrasounds at the doctor's office, but this was completely different!"

I didn't have to try and convince him at all to come back for the 3D when I'm at least 30 weeks--he insisted! It really was a blast to be able to focus on all the fun shots, as compared to at the doctor's office when they have to spend so much time measuring bones and diameters and such. The kids love watching the DVD and laughing at hearing everyone's reactions again. And of course I am most thrilled that we now know we are having a girl!

Thank you so much again, and we look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months!
Nissa Bolinger
"I want to thank you SO much for todays visit. It was an experience I will never forget. My mom and I were really pleased with the overall experience...especially with your lovely attitude! You donít come across many people as nice as you are nowadays. I canít wait to come back around my 32nd week. Thanks again."
Annie Gabrielson
"We had a very pleasant experience. Joyce is fun and makes the appointment an "event". We would recommend doing this besides your medical ultrasound because it's geared for the parents. JUST DO IT! Enjoy."
Mother's Comment
"It was an awesome experience. The visual feedback confirmed the miracle of our new baby. Knowing the sex makes it easier to feel close to the baby."
Parent Comment
"This is a unique opportunity to actually see your baby and get to know him. It's exciting and a great way to include the father in the bonding process."
Father's Comment
"It's neat, I liked it - got to see his hand."
Sis (age 4)
"The 'high' that I felt when it hit me that I was looking at my son was something that could never be simulated by anything anywhere!"
Father's Comment
"Other medical ultrasounds are more technical and hard to follow. This was more informative, interesting and fun. Joyce takes her time, answering questions and provides a very nice experience."
Father's Comment
"The best money I've ever spent."
Father's Comment

"A truly moving experience...definitely presents the miracle of life as reality. I loved it."
Grandmother's Comment





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